One of the greatest challenges facing a virtual production is the question of workflow and team interaction. Conventional pre-production-post processes must now consider an open, collaborative model at the start of a project, which disrupts previous modes of production accustomed to less experimentation and more rigid control.

The AVGS Way

AVGS is designed to ease this transition in three critical ways. First, we are a facility with in-house editing and effects teams, available to any production in need of advice, support or even dedicated post resource. That can be as simple as providing expert guidance, or as detailed as compositing, CG and Unreal world creation under a production’s direct control.

Next, we are passionate about pre-visualization and early visual asset integration. Our blend of technology and cinematography/lighting/post expertise offers an incredible array of means to ensure an accurate result with greater efficiency and less cost, from the earliest stages of development through to joint exploration, testing and refinement throughout production.

Finally, we believe in constant, open experimentation and development. AVGS is a burgeoning creative workshop for modern motion picture production, and we are always willing to go the extra mile for a client or partner who wants to test with recent technology. When teams are learning earlier, prior to the pressure of realization, creativity as well as workflow are significantly elevated.