AVGS always makes health and safety a cornerstone of our work. To ensure safe operation through the current crisis, the following practices are followed at an absolute minimum, with additional precautions and specialist guidelines implemented where necessary:

  • All management and staff are fully vaccinated
  • All crew to wear appropriate PPE, at all times, without exception
  • Daily temperature and health checks on all working days
  • On-site COVID testing performed by an accredited health partner
  • Virtual technologies to seamlessly replace location filming wherever possible
  • Rigorous cleaning of all rooms, equipment, props and surfaces
  • Clear floor markers, one-way systems and strict safety monitoring
  • Contactless craft services, with all meals pre-packaged
  • Crew to separately travel to/from all studio and location sites
  • All crew to isolate prior to the start of production

Our safety policies will continue to evolve as scientific and field knowledge increases. Together, we can maintain health as well as the open creativity and collaboration that goes into everything we do as a professional, united production community. Contact us for more information.