A common misperception many clients and artists have about virtual production is access. Fed by publicity from major film studios and futuristic event stages, there is a belief that leading-edge technologies are only practical, let alone affordable, for the privileged few.

AVGS was founded to make the advantages of advanced virtual creation available to all.  A major step in realizing that isn’t just the technology we choose, but how we choose to use it.

While AVGS offers the latest in keying and pre-visualization (Ultimatte 12 and Ncam), real-time camera tracking and motion capture (Ncam), background and environment creation (Unreal), and other major advances, deployment is centered around specific use cases — and mixed with our expertise in cinematography, lighting and production design to maximize cost effectiveness as well as creative result.

The hype aside, virtual production is merely a tool, and its future lies in the efficiency and scalability it can offer to productions of all types and sizes. Any environment— imagined or real, fantastic or ordinary — realized in a space that offers unlimited control and possibility. By scaling our technology to match the exact needs of a given idea, we can make the benefits accessible to the knowledgeable producer. For less than once thought possible.