As a stage designed for highly efficient green screen, XR and live streaming in addition to traditional motion picture production, AVGS offers a wide range of advanced lighting, camera and broadcast technologies in house. Below are just a few highlights. Contact us for more information, or view our latest G&E and camera tech lists.

Installed RGBw+ Volume

Wide gamut volume with pixel animation capability. Featuring Creamsource Vortex8, Color Force ChromaQ and ProLycht Orion 300FS fixtures, powered by a LumenRadio Stardust 8-universe wireless DMX and controlled via in-house Blackout app. Hard line available for consoles.

12′ x 20′ Auroris X Softbox

2x LiteGear Auroris X system with 48 LED panels in total, connected to LumenRadio Stardust wireless DMX and in-house Blackout. Softbox is motorized for easy height adjustment, and can be tilted. Permanently installed.

Lighting Systems

In-house store includes 9x Creamsource Vortex8, new LiteGear Spectrum 8 40 x 40″, 4x ProLycht Orion 675, 2x Astra Titan 8-tube kits with A7 controller, 8x Astera NYX Bulb kits, 4x Aperture 600D, and a wide array of other LED and tungsten options. All fixtures complete with accessories.

2-Track Stage Curtain System

100′ black curtain (2 x 50′) on one rail, and a custom 100′ single seam chroma green curtain on a second, allowing stage to switch between white, black and green screen in seconds. Rails have additional hardware to hang other curtains or backdrops, with additional fabric in house to create a 360˚ black or green void.

LED Wall

10′ x 20′ 2.6 megapixel LED volume, with Brompton Tessera processor, Unreal workstation and all hardware, software and networking. Ideal for talk shows, game shows, commercials,  branded content, automotive and photorealistic background integration.

Grip Packages

In-house G&E store includes a wide selection of professional grip, including new dolly and track systems, carts, fabrics, hardware and expendables, on a per item or bundled discount basis.

Ncam Reality Tracking

Ncam Mk II system for unrivaled real-time camera tracking, live pre-visualization, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera while filming, without the need for markers. Other advantages include advanced lens profiling, exceptional performance in extreme or dynamic lighting environments, and compatibility with all camera systems.

Ultimatte 12 4k

The most advanced chroma keyer, with superior edge handling, color separation and spill suppression. Ideal for layering AR foreground elements into a scene (with realistic transparency), live keying for broadcasting and streaming, and highly detailed on-set pre-visualization. Includes Smart Remote.

4k Live Switcher

Production Studio 4k capable of switching between SD, HD and Ultra HD formats, plus features such as chroma key, creative transitions, media pool, downstream keyers, audio mixer, multi-view and more. Ideal for live streaming, and to create a multi-camera line cut to save time in post.

RED Camera Systems

RED Gemini and 2x RED Komodos in house, fully accessorized, with a range of lens and tripod options. AVGS can arrange hire of other camera bodies, lens packages and specialty hardware, including Sony and ARRI systems, from our camera tech partners.